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    Lucilla Legend

    Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll take it into account!



    Hi developer.i have a idie give some opertuniti to change the chest.Beause i have a lot of chest whit reasorce and has a few weapon or statue inside a chest.end if i want to open that cedt i need to open a lot of chest.



    I have downloaded Gladiators Heroes 2 weeks ago and now i can say that This is the best game ever.
    Keep up the good works!
    Sorry for my bad english but i ma Italian
    I am waiting new updates and features
    Thank you



    Will you be allowing us to have more slots for more Gladiators?



    Another sugestion.if somebody has a 18 gladiator dont has chanse to open the statues and sell that gladiators.thx


    Lucilla Legend

    Hi Andrew, the new gladiator will be released in the next few weeks. We can’t give away too much yet, but stay tuned for another clue at the end of this chat!

    As well as new levels, we’re looking into doing battle with mythological beasts.


    Quad. Lightning strike

    Will there be any use for prestige points other that bragging rights?


    Lucilla Legend


    Hi Gleb,

    Along with prestige points, clan perks are going into a new rewards system that we are currently polishing off and testing for a future update. We want to give you more incentive to keep battling it out in clan wars! 🙂




    I’d like to change my name in game… Is that possible?


    Mark jimson cariquez

    Elow… i more skill heroes and quest
    We need more drop in arena i think 5 heroes not 3 heroes jeheheh


    Lucilla Legend

    Hi Pawel,

    Unfortunately it’s not possible to change your city name as this is linked to your data – changing it could cause fatal errors in your save game, which of course we don’t want to happen!



    Lucilla Legend

    Hi WonSti,

    The “reward stack” system is a favor from us to the players, as this is something that we didn’t initially plan on implementing at all. The way rewards are stacked, and why they cannot be selected, has to do with how the server works, but it is also due to Gladiator Heroes being a game about administration of resources. If you don’t want to have a big stack of unclaimed rewards, all you have to do is manage your building/leveling up tasks more efficiently. And even so, there will be times when you will still need to lose some resources to claim others; this is also intended. 🙂



    Lucilla Legend

    Hi Mark,

    We’re working on new regular mission levels and testing whether more than 3 gladiators in battle is feasible. Thanks for the suggestion!




    Elow plssss more quest and event and new skil and heroes


    antinae bracarn

    hi gh team.

    i just wanna give a suggestion about wars.
    can you create two house which give bonus defense or attack To the clan who have them.

    the two houses are open To the two clans and always fighting for.
    for keep them we have To put defense team and fight again if the ennemy win the house.
    sorry for my english it is hard for french here. hope you understand me.

    i want ask when the lvl maap after 99 Will arrive ?

    also in war i have often ennemy more stranger than me. that le what i heard a lot in my french clan Les Gladiateurs
    i am the master of this one and i talk a lot with my players.

    some want ask why we can’t buy experience xp books? understand?

    so i cant take more time i am at work. i write To you in the toilets bathroom, hide.
    just wanna participate and help you

    A lot of gamers are waiting an uptade. the new gladiator is the best idea you’ve got.

    i can give you all the reactions of the gamers of my clans and others i know. even after this chat. i wanna be usefull for you

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