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    Lucilla Legend

    Hello Bebot,

    There’s no such this as a “champion gladiator” as such, but you can get 5 star rarity gladiators. The rarer the gladiator, the more statistics they gain as they level up. With lots of combat experience and training, you’ll be able to create your own champion gladiator! 😀

    CM Team



    Hi GH team. Train each of my Gladiators every day sucks. My suggestion: If a Gladiator reaches the highest level (Rk 5/level 10), he becomes god like and don’t have to train anymore. Would this or something similar be possible?



    Sería posible una vez que ya no se pueda producir nada. Aprovechar ese material en la producción de gemas por ejemplo ? O poder vender nuestros recursos ?


    Lucilla Legend

    Hi Eynchess,

    We think that just like in real life, it’s important to keep up your training so as not to lose it! That said, we’re working on fixing the bugs that have affected training boosters so that you can use these to avoid training losses.




    Joson Tse



    Bryan Jhienrich

    Any thoughts of adding a cooldown on an active skills? To avoid skill spamming?



    Do you plan in the future to make a rebalance of the stats? Since at the moment the Damage is more claimed than other stats many times. Even a full upgraded into Armor gladiator can not contest with a gladiator made for full upgraded into Damage. And about Defense, this stats is quite useless in PvP and PvE, because now mostly used tactics – “jump first and win”.


    antinae bracarn

    an other question
    yes it is me again.
    the replay of battle Will ne fix?
    and also for the booster training ?



    Lucilla Legend

    Buenas Jordi,

    Estamos investigando la posibilidad de implementar un sistema de comercio entre clanes.




    Lucilla Legend

    Hi Bryan,

    Each active skill costs tractical points which are generated after each move to avoid “skill spamming” and to increase the need to be strategic about your skills during combat. Passive skills such as “Conditions Resistence” can also help reduce the possible effects of conditioning active skills such as stun and bleed.




    Will you increase Wood production or by adding another Sawmill or increase production per hour?

    Right now the Wood production is way lower than the other two building resources, Stone and Iron.


    Lucilla Legend

    Hi Gleb,

    You’re right, we often see a lot more preference put on damage than anything else. Our dev team are often making subtle changes to stats (because a bug overhaul might upset a lot of people), but we will definitely need to reconsider this. Thank you for your input.



    uday ghat

    Nice game super addicting.When are you going to introduce clan perks. We want more rewards for pvp and clan wars. What are up coming events


    Lucilla Legend

    Hi Kejn,

    The maximum number of Sawmills is 3, however you can increase their production rate by upgrading them. You also don’t have to rely on just the Sawmills to retrieve wood as there are other ways to receive the resource:

    – Whenever you win a battle, you may obtain wood from chest rewards.
    – Any chest from the Merchant can also contain wood.
    – Cutting the trees at the back of your city will also grant you certain amounts of wood.



    Lucilla Legend

    Hi Uday,

    As we’ve mentioned before, along with prestige points, clan perks are going into a new rewards system that we are currently polishing off and testing for a future update. We want to give you more incentive to keep battling it out in clan wars! ?


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