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    Lucilla Legend

    Welcome to the Gladiator Heroes Clans Community Hub. Post a new topic here to find new clan members, or to join a clan.

    If you’re looking for new members, copy and paste the hashtag (#) code from your clan building so that new members can find you.

    If you’d like to join a clan, making a pitch for clan generals: tell them about your experience, fame, gladiator types, and how often you play.

    Remember to follow the rules that apply across all our forum and social media channels:

    – No personal attacks or harassment of others.
    – No offensive language – if you are unsure of whether a word is offensive it probably is.
    – No promotion of hacking/cheating/modding. If you see this happening please report to the moderators.
    – No spam.
    – No screenshots/sharing of private conversations with the support team. These messages are confidential.
    – Any unrelated, low-quality or disrespectful content will be removed.


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    Tiberius Pannonicus

    I am really sorry to have this clan thing, first took away my earned fame and now the only way to play the game is to join a clan. One of the reasons I played this game was the fact it was possible to play individually without joining a clan, I affraid I have to remove from the device. Pity the game was good and enjoyable – minus the terrible long synchronizing time – until this latest “development”.

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    I think more need clan quest to test the member of clan

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