Welcome to Gladiator Heroes; the most addictive, strategy-based multiplayer game for iOS and Android. Ready yourself for battle.

You’ve fought hard your whole life, so now is your chance to fulfil your dream of becoming the greatest lanista in all of Rome! Build your city, train your gladiators and create your empire!

You are taken back in time to the gladiator games of Ancient Rome, where you are a lanista – a trainer of gladiators. You must build up your city, the centre for your gladiators and the source of your wealth. The more prosperous your city, the better equipped and trained your gladiators will be.

Gladiator Heroes takes you through a map of hardy battles and epic arenas. As you progress through the map, your gladiators will rely on you for strategy to win battles. You will face the fiercest opposition on your journey to glory.

Show your strength, defend your honor, build your empire and become the greatest lanista in all of Rome.


  • You control the construction and growth of your cities
  • Tirelessly designed gladiators and scenery make for an immersive gaming experience
  • Fight in a variety of impressive arenas throughout the empire, from sweltering deserts to snowy tundras
  • Win gold, weaponry, and new skills in deadly showdowns
  • Place your gladiators strategically to take out their opponents
  • Design, name and train your gladiators, then watch at they evolve into indomitable killers
  • Gladiator heroes, created by Genera Games, has been four years in the making.


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